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Backgammon - Classic Dice Game app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 960 ratings )
Games Entertainment Board Dice Casino
Developer: Trivial Technology
Current version: 4.5.6, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 15 Dec 2008
App size: 82.44 Mb

Challenge yourself in the deluxe board & dice game!

Both the press and customers agree: Backgammons got it in spades!


Recommended by MacWorld Magazine as a Top Download for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

“Backgammon Premium is the crème-de-la-crème ‘gammon’” 9 out of 10 stars from!

Nominated for “Best Dice Game” in the Best App Ever Awards hosted by!


"Elegant and beautifully laid out. The play is terrific. I play a game every break I get. The fun just doesnt stop!"

"This app is awesome!!! No problems and extremely fun."

"Backgammon is a great game, simple and intriguing. This app does it justice. The AI is smart and sometimes infuriating. Five Stars!"

Play solo or live online against friends! Great for players who enjoy Gin Rummy, Spades, Cribbage, Blackjack, or Dominos.


Backgammon - The classic game you know and love
Nackgammon - Changing the token setup requires players to get creative.
Old English - A British favorite! No more than 5 checkers to a single point.
Acey Deucey - Start in your own goal tray and work your way into your opponents!


Single Player- Prove youre the King against Backgammons Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties!
Turn-Based Multiplayer- Play up to 3 live online games at once against friends!
Pass & Play- Share your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a friend live.
Peer to Peer- Play against your friends on their devices with no network required.


- Single Player Games (with Easy, Medium, Hard)
- Match support! Play to 3, 5, 9 or 15 points with Doubling. Matches use the Crawford Rule
- Four distinct board designs
- Turn-based, on-device, and Bluetooth multiplayer
- Move-Assist, highlights available moves
- Unlimited “Undo” in single-player games
- Extensive game statistics

Pros and cons of Backgammon - Classic Dice Game app for iPhone and iPad

Backgammon - Classic Dice Game app good for

Ive tried quite a few backgammon apps; this one is very good until it goes wrong! Recently Ive had a lot of issues, but generally, this is a good app. In fact its, to date, my favourite.
Really not that bad, cheating seems minimised on the hardest setting, the doubling from the computer is fairly accurate although sometimes deluded giving a very flattering score! Gameplay is easy and intuitive, pleasant on the eye, fully recommend.
im just a starter in the game but love it already. thank you for this app!!!!
First backgammon download that rolls reasonably fair dice. Computer does make some dumb moves even on hard setting. 4 stars. After playing 70 HARD games, I think I have to revise my opinion. the computer wins 19 out of 20 first moves and definitely cheats when it decides to win a game - down to 3 stars now. Why can there not be a game that rolls fair dice????????
I use this app whenever Ive got time to kill. Rules are tight, game play is fast and TONS of different settings mean a perfect app for backgammon!
I love the UI and the way the game functions but please let me buy out of all the advertising.

Some bad moments

Defective AI, biased play, it isnt true random. Frustrating, customer service treat people like idiots. Gives itself good rolls in hard mode to simulate difficulty, plays like a moron in other modes.
Game play is ok, but latest versions have gone overboard on advertising. Moreover, the app now freezes regularly - can be several times in one game (possibly linked to above?). Recovery is good, but restart also means another serving of those ads!
Bad. Ads froze the game. And I was totally beating beidge when it happened!
Too predictable! Thats too bad that you can predict the rolls the program will make. Would be a perfect game if the rolls were random.
Cheat!! two stars. Its far too statisically unlikely that the computer will give itself exactly what it needs, on its first roll, whenever it decides that it is its "turn" to win. Its predictable that, for eg, when it has a man on the bar with only one space open to come in, itll roll just the right combo, on the 1st try, to not only get in, but also to jump you. It forces you into an unnaturally cautious playing style not conducive to real backgammon. So annoying that u claim the rolls r random!!
The game is not bad in itself. But when the software cheats, it takes all the fun out of it. And it does cheat...a lot. Computer wins the first move almost every time and if you happen to leave a guy alone, the computer will roll the dice to land on it often enough that its not even realistic anymore. Ok, some people are lucky, but this is ridiculous ! The ads are also a little bit harassing, could advertise differently. All in all, wont buy the app because of the cheating that ruins even the best interface.

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