Backgammon - Classic Dice Game App Reviews

140 add

Severly gravement

Addictive addictif


Ive tried quite a few backgammon apps; this one is very good until it goes wrong! Recently Ive had a lot of issues, but generally, this is a good app. In fact its, to date, my favourite.


Really not that bad, cheating seems minimised on the hardest setting, the doubling from the computer is fairly accurate although sometimes deluded giving a very flattering score! Gameplay is easy and intuitive, pleasant on the eye, fully recommend.

mauvais algorithme

En mode hard, lalgorithme est franchement nul !

Backgammon lite

Defective AI, biased play, it isnt true random. Frustrating, customer service treat people like idiots. Gives itself good rolls in hard mode to simulate difficulty, plays like a moron in other modes.

Too many ads, and now app freezes too!

Game play is ok, but latest versions have gone overboard on advertising. Moreover, the app now freezes regularly - can be several times in one game (possibly linked to above?). Recovery is good, but restart also means another serving of those ads!

Size problem

Update has sizing bug. Also no more forfeit possibility.

Very good


Easy and friendly. Great.

Good game!

Nice but unfair dices

Very nice graphics and easy control, accurate rules. Nevertheless, dices are not fair computer gets unbelievably "luck" numbers when it needs, and we players get unbelievably "bad" ones when we need. Should improve AI to be able to give fair dices and yet be competitive.


im just a starter in the game but love it already. thank you for this app!!!!

Like it,

its free and works!

Nice Game

Just a little bit to much advertising!

Great app

Has everything necessary and even a little more!

Ads make it un playable

Popup ads every 30 seconds make this app unplayable


Worth it

If you like playing Backgammon, youll like this game.


I would buy this game, but the programmer cheats to win.


Bad. Ads froze the game. And I was totally beating beidge when it happened!

Too predictable

Too predictable! Thats too bad that you can predict the rolls the program will make. Would be a perfect game if the rolls were random.

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